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Meeting Planner® comes from over twenty years of experience in the meeting industry. During these years we have designed and curated each single event with professionalism and attention to all the little details and have grown to become highly specialized in the organization of meetings, events and training activities in Italy.  We especially work in the medical sector with the support of our long-term team of senior professionals, each with many years of experience.

When designing and planning events, our main focus is human capital as the basis of our approach, it is the asset and pillar of our working life. Our dynamic and interactive meeting formats are goal-oriented and designed to achieve personalized, original and unique outcomes. We keep a firm grasp on every detail of every step of the process, from consulting on organizational issues and coordinating logistics, to reviewing programmes  and ensuring strategic communication.

In 2013 we started the Italian meetings industry’s first business network: Meet in Action Italia®. Meet in Action Italia comprises companies with transversal skills, run by specialized qualified professionals, with teams that practice active listening and provide diverse, all-encompassing  services.

We also founded Apulia2meet®  – our DMC division –  to manage the logistical aspects and requirements of events.  Apulia2meet endeavours to make the most of our region in all its facets, with creative tailor-made projects in line with our clients’ objectives.

In 2011 we became a CME (Continuing Medical Education) provider accredited with the National Ministry of Health. This means we take of the entire credit assignment process  while  providing assistance and advice to medical professionals, institutions and scientific associations through partnerships.

At Meeting Planner® the path to success has been forged with passion and competence, which are our true values.




Maddalena Milone is an active member of:

  • MPI Meeting Professionals International Italia Chapter with the role of President 2020-2021
  • Federcongressi&eventi as the Delegate for Puglia
  • Confindustria of Bari and Barletta, Andria and Trani as Vice President of the Section for Tourism with a mandate for the meetings and events industry
  • Meet in Action Italia

Ms Milone is also a:

  • CME Certified Meeting Executive
  • Member of the Association of Journalists
  • Qualified Travel Agency Manager