MPI Italia Chapter


MPI Italia Chapter is part of Meeting Professional International (MPI), the largest community of meeting professionals with over 17,000 members worldwide. In 2013, MPI Italia Chapter was the first Italian meeting and event industry association to be included in the Italian Ministry of Economic Development list which acknowledges non-regulated professions and issues quality certificates. MPI Italia Chapter underscores the impact of congresses and events on the country’s economy, fosters networking opportunities between professionals and non-professionals in facing the changing market.  It favours business exchanges within the industry and safeguards its members’ profession.

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Federcongressi & eventi


Federcongressi&eventi is an Italian association that represents companies and professionals of the meetings and events industry. Its mission is to give voice and draw attention to the meetings & incentive travel industry in all its wide-ranging activities and thus enhance its prestige in the public’s eye. The added value of Federcongressi&eventi lies in its attention towards developing and enhancing the meetings industry as a catalyst for other thriving economic, social and cultural activities.

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Confindustria is the main association representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy.  In the area of Bari, Barletta, Andria and Trani in southern Italy, it has about 800 member companies with over 30,000 employees and it protects the interests of its members in their relations with the institutions and Public Administrations.  Members find support by networking in common initiatives and sectoral meetings that tackle the specific problems of the various trades and sectors. Confindustria is a single partner that helps bring about time and cost saving results.

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Il Club delle imprese per la Cultura


Il “Club delle imprese per la Cultura”  (the Companies for Culture Club) was set up by companies from different industries, members of the Confindustria of the Bari, Barletta, Andria and Trani area in southern Italy. Their intent was and is to set up and strengthen the ties between local businesses and the community via cultural projects that could have a beneficial impact for the local population. Member companies use their own funds to design and implement the various events, which makes the Club unique and different from other associations.  What makes the Club even more special is that it operates in an area characterized by small companies which would not be able to invest much in culture on their own.

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Il Forum RSI


The Forum sulla Responsabilità Sociale d’Impresa (Corporate Social Responsability Forum) originated from a common interest shared by member companies of the Confindustria Chapter of the Bari, Barletta, Andria and Trani area in southern Italy. According to its members’ declaration of intent, its commitment is to, “roll out positive actions in the community by setting up partnerships with non-profit organizations and other institutions”. The main goal of the Forum is disseminate and promote culture and corporate social responsibility, both in Italy and abroad.

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Food for Good


Food for Good is a Federcongressi&eventi project to combat food waste by collecting and redistributing the surplus food left over at the end of conferences.  The project was inspired by the 2015 Italian National Institute Statistics Office (ISTAT) survey that pointed out that over 4 million people in Italy live in a state of absolute poverty and that one out of ten children suffers from hunger. The results of the first edition speak for themselves: 16,599 ready meals and 222 kg of bread and fruit were recovered and donated.

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